Top Australian tuition centres

With the Australian tuition industry growing at a rapid pace with revenues crossing the $6 billion mark in 2017, it is only natural that parents want to focus on established tuition centres with a proven track record of helping medium or low achievers to become high achievers and excel in their grades.

There can be no argument that the education sector globally is becoming more and more competitive and demanding. When the children enter the high school level, the learning process gets significantly more intense. Even high achievers may have a certain amount of difficulty coping with the pressures and demands of learning. Therefore, it becomes imperative that as parents, we find the best possible help in the form of tuition. But, with several hundred tutors and dozens of tuition centres, it is no mean task to identify the best among the lot.

The following, therefore, represents a brief overview of some of the top tuition centres in Australia from international ones like First tutors to national wide centres as Edu Kingdom Tutoring College. But, ahead of that, let us also understand the difference between tutors and academic coaching.

  • Tutors focus on one or more subjects
    When you hire a tutor, you are more probably looking for help with one or more subjects and the emphasis, therefore, is, to fulfil the needs of a particular class. Additional teaching methods may be employed by the tutor to help the student work towards a goal that is outcome-oriented, usually achieving a specific grade. This approach is fine for students who are weak in one or two subjects. But, when the student has difficulty wrangling with multiple subjects, as a parent, your focus should shift towards an academic coach.
  • Coaching
    Coaching is best understood if you, as a parent, can remember how you received coaching in baseball, football, or similar skills. Coaching is the process of acquiring new skills by employing a wide range of strategies. Remember a Soccer coach does not instruct a player on how he should shoot a goal. Instead, the coach focuses on the application of a set of comprehensive skills. This is true of educational coaching. In other words, academic coaches focus on well-rounded development of the student considering the cognitive, academic and emotional challenges and strengths of the student. The idea is to support the student in becoming a better learner than merely helping achieve specific grades. Academic coaching provides the student with strategies and tools that can be used throughout the academic pursuit and into the career path.
    The line between tutoring and coaching is obviously thin, but they are not alike. And, when it comes to high schoolers, the term ‘tutoring’ does not always gel with their ‘big boy’ outlook, while coaching is more acceptable.

Let us now examine some of the top Australian tuition centres.

First tutors

First Tutors is an international tuition centre offering private as well as home tuition. When you choose this tuition centre, you can choose your home tutor who fits the needs of your child and the tutor can commute to your home or the child can go to the tutor’s facility. First tutors have a significant presence in Australia, Ireland, Canada, Italy, New Zealand, South Africa and the UK. First tutors can provide learning assistance for a wide array of topics including adult learning in advanced streams such as IT, Science or Mathematics. You can gather more knowledge about First tutors Australia here. First Tutors have built up a reliable international organisation with a well charted system for recruiting tutors and providing outstanding customer service for tutors as well as tutees. Further, First Tutor also allows interested parents to talk to tutors free of charge to gauge their suitability before taking a final call on who should tutor your child.

Edu Kingdom

Edu Kingdom is a company network of franchises across Australia and New Zealand under the department of education’s policies.
What drives Edu Kingdom is summed up by their corporate philosophy “Every child is special”. With this philosophy, they appreciate the unique needs, different styles of learning and specific interests of each child shedding the one-size fit all approach. This philosophy translates into practice through small-group tutoring services catering to each student’s inclinations and needs for optimal results and that approach has been found to be very effective, according to Edu Kingdom. With this objective in mind, Edu Kingdom offers a wide range of tuition services spanning the pre-university academic career of Australian students from years 1 through 12.

Tutor Doctor

Tutor Doctor brings over 15 years of experience and a proven record of tutoring students across ages. Tutor Doctor focuses on forging together a team comprised of the student, parents, the tutor and the school management which gives the learning an encompassing approach. With this approach, Tutor Doctor aims to develop students to become confident and proud of their achievement and excited about what the future beholds. In the 1-1 tutoring segment, Tutor Doctor is the largest global organization with a significant presence in the U.S.A.

Lynn’s Learning

The Australian owned Lynn’s learning provides tuitions for English and Mathematics tailored to the needs of individual children. Their programs follow Australian Curriculum and have been developed by experienced Australian teachers. Lynn’s learning has over 20 years of experience in the tutoring sector. According to Lynn’s learning, their love for kids and a real passion for the furtherance of potential in each child is the driving force behind their success.
Apart from these organized tutoring businesses, you will also find individual tutors and/or smaller organizations in your neighbourhood. It is important, however, to know how to pick the right tutor for your child. Focus on what is best for your child and try to get an in-depth understanding of the tutor or tutoring organization before you take the final call. In most situations, you will find that the tutor is also equally interested in the progress of your child since his/her own success depends on that. Here is an exhaustive list of tutors and tutoring organizations in Australia/New Zealand to help you explore further.